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New line of low cost lipo batteries are presented by Hobby King

The Hobby King has launched a new low cost line of lithium polymer batteries (Li-Po), the B-Grade.

The new batteries are recommended for non-critical tests or model airplanes that you consider not requiring high performance in electrical discharges.

The product line B have a high internal resistance (which is bad), usually will not last more than 60 complete cycles of high discharge and may be "inflated" over time.
The Hobby King says and acknowledges that the batteries of the B-Grade are structurally sound, but lacks the battery performance of the first line (A-Grade), such as Flightmax, Rhino and TURNIGY.

The B-Grade was typically provided only for small retailers who, in turn, sell at the market online at a discount (you know those cheap batteries on eBay?). However, the Hobby King is starting to offer this type of battery directly to the final consumer and, of course, with affordable price, remembering that they are aimed at non-critical applications.

The video below shows you how to HobbyKing decide on the factory which cells are good or bad during manufacturing.

A & B Grade Lithium Polymer Cells sorting.
I did a search on the site of King Hobby and found eleven batteries of different capacities ranging from 3000 mAh 3S 40C ($ 13.55) up to 5000 mAh 5S 30C ($ 32.63) These batteries are inexpensive and are already available for sale. The following is the complete list of B-Grade batteries available today.

Thank you for your attention and your time.

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