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Hobby King will open retail stores!

Translated from the original text in Portuguese (*)
It's true! The Hobby King did not stop surprising us all, the novelty this time is the opening of stores.

It was released by itself Hobby King. He said it will open retail stores as part of its expansion plans.

The inauguration of the first retail store is scheduled to occur within 60 days.

Does the city of Sydney in Australia and will serve as test for the opening of other stores in the future.

The Sydney store will sell both products of their own King and Hobby items purchased in the local market.

Additionally the store will also serve as service center Hobby King.

This is the information provided so far and I may have some speculations:

  1. It seems the decision to open several stores have already been taken. The Sydney store does not pay to test the feasibility of this strategy.
  2. It is a totally new type of operation for the Hobby King, as far as I know they have no experience with the physical trade, only with the virtual. This is another challenge for the test in Sydney that need to be very well done to correct any problems they may encounter.
  3. I deduce that each new store will work better than previous ones because of the experience, so do not envy the people of Sydney, they will suffer a little.
  4. Add the function of the service center is a fantastic idea, as the major factors in rejection of Chinese products are related to quality control and, consequently, maintenance and warranty of their products. I think that the Sydney store will repair the defective products or replace them.
  5. As a matter of logistics, I believe that both the Sydney store, such as those will come in sequence, will be installed in countries where the Hobby King has warehouses. And since I concluded that there will be a warehouse later this year in Brazil, it is obvious to imagine that there will be a physical store here.
  6. Ooops, I need to increase the limit of my overdraft.
  7. Maybe one day we meet in person at the store Hobby King, anything is possible!
  8. Iupiiiiii....

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