quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Eleven model airplanes for FPV

I made a selection of eleven models that can be used for FPV (First Person View).

In the research I have established some requirements that the model airplane must have for the practice of FPV, which I describe now.

The requirements that I have established are:

Pusher propulsion (engine behind the center of gravity, it pushes the air model), because the propeller does not disturb the video camera.

Flight stable and good glide (nobody wants a video with the swinging scene all the time).

Load capacity (weight and internal space for FPV equipment).
I found very interesting options, including some flying models are also suitable for beginners in model airplanes.

The selection I made was deliberately superficial, because we have this relationship model airplanes and varied in size, price and even type of flight. Now it's up to you to access the page for each product to know details and see which is best suited for your needs.

Thank you for your attention and your time.

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